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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Get Ready for 2010

If you have been following me on Etsy - you know about my evening gown collections. Now as we dive into 2010 I'm finalizing two other collections as well as another evening gown collection. So what are they? Get ready for three great varities of my designs in 2010:

  • Evening Gowns
  • Resort-Wear
  • Intimates

As my fan base on Etsy has been growing - so has the needs of my customers. Though you all love what I'm doing in evening wear - the truth is that most of us aren't in need of a new gown every season (or even every year for that matter). So taking your feedback and looking at all my "other sketches" from the last few years - I decided to start putting up "mini-collections" of some of the other things I'm working on. Specifically Resort Wear and Intimates.

Over the next few months you'll be able to buy my sample collections on Etsy. They will be limited runs of resort wear and intimates. I will be posting my new looks and samples - like crazy - all over the net. Whether you're following me on my blog, Etsy, Twitter, or Facebook - you'll be able to vote on every thing from style, cut, fabrics, and colors. Your input will help shape and finalize my Spring/Summer collection and will help begin to mold a larger collection for Fall/Winter 2010/2011.

In addition to posting what I've created - I will also be updating this blog with everything from sketches to pictures of final samples. Basically I'll be tracking my whole progression from original concept to final product. I hope you'll have fun watching the whole process from start to finish and I look forward to interacting with you to create my most exciting collection thus far.

Thank you for reading, tweeting, and passing on my blog and gowns (& now Intimates and Resort Wear) to the masses!

Best Wishes in 2010,

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