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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just Featured in Etsy.com Email This Morning

My spring fling yellow chiffon dress was just featured in the latest Etsy.com email that goes out to thousands of subscribers.

You can spot it in the email as the bright yellow dress (the first dress in the email). I've included a photo of the top part of the Etsy email - to the left - so you can see where it's located.

You can check out the latest email (for a limited time) right here

For those of you who don't know Etsy is a marketplace to buy and sell all things hand made. I sold my first dress on Etsy a little over a year ago - so they have a special place in my  heart. 

This is the second dress of mine that's been featured in an email. The first was the white silk chiffon (I call the mummy dress). Which was featured about a year ago. Check out my first dress featured on Etsy. 

Samples on Etsy

For those of you who don't know - I sell all of my dresses and now workroom samples on Etsy.com. You can get some truly -- one of a kind pieces from my workroom -- that aren't available anywhere else online.  I have them up only on Etsy right now - to showcase the pieces that I'm working on. Check out my Etsy Showroom.

Spring Fling Dress:

This dress is quickly becoming my most popular dress for weddings. I have done this dress in a number of different colors and lengths for weddings.

To the right is a larger picture of my yellow version of the Spring Fling Dress.

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